Saturday, August 25, 2012

The journey to Colombia

I'm sad to report that A and I will not be sailing around the world anytime soon. In fact, we have no interest in getting on a boat for a very long time. For some reason I got the idea in my head that it'd be fun to take a boat to Colombia, even though I get car sick (a separate boat from our car, that one is for cargo only). I will spare you the details of how one gets a car from panama to Colombia (I actually won't, I'll post about it later when I have my computer back). This will be a short post since I am writing it on my phone since we do no have our car (and our stuff back).

Some highlights of the car shipping:

1. Carrying 1500 cash in TWENTIES (for some reason panama doesn't believe in 100s) through a very dangerous neighborhood. Our shipping agent was nervous to carry that much cash on him (except of course they make you pay in cash so it is their fault...)

2. Spending days on the phones with various agents and running between offices.

3. Arriving in Colombia a week later to find out your boat has not even left panama and there is nothing you can do about it.

4. A did not murder a single person (yet... we still don't have our car or our documents)

Some musings from the boat trip:

1. We learned a new term: "aqua-poopoo". It's when your ships captain poops in the ocean water instead of using the horrible pump toilet on the boat. He even has special techniques for this involving how to fan away the water quickly.

2. Never get on a boat for 5 days that does not bathing facilities. Ever. Even if you've just taken a multi-hour 4x4 ride and speed boat trip to get there.

3. Salad is not good for the stomach, despite your captain insisting on it.

4. Dolphins swimming next to the boat are very hard to photograph. You'll have to believe us.

5. Apparently snorkeling gives you a really bad sunburn on your back, we're shedding.
6. Don't stay at a hostal with horse art on the walls that looks like a prison, loud techno music will be thumping from the club downstairs, all night.

I'll write more when I have the chrome book back.

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