Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photo Update (from Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica)

Crazy Flower from Cartago Botanical Gardens, Costa Rica

I should start with a warning that a LOT of these are boring nature photographs. I probably shouldn't be attempting to photograph flowers and plants and such since 1. I'm not an amazing photographer 2. I don't have a super fancy camera, just a decent point and shoot hand me down from my father. So sorry in advance, everything is just so crazy looking, it's hard not to take a billion photos. I again posted a bunch of photos on google+, if you'd like to see them either email me or add me. 

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

Copan Ruins, Honduras

Waterfall, Honduras

Young Coffee Plants, Honduras

Crazy Blue Lake, Honduras

We have (read I) been reading a lot of blogs of other people that have done this trip, mainly to understand things like border crossing, etc. Our biggest border crossing is coming up soon, the Darien Gap. We have been evaluating our options for getting our car across. There is a website dedicated to people that do the exact trip we are doing that has been extremely helpful. Through reading this though, we have come to understand that everyone else does this in a truck or some such well equipped vehicle. A thinks we should re-title the blog to "low clearance vehicle." Costa Rica has not been so bad in terms of roads, but the sound of the bottom of our car scraping a tope will probably haunt my nightmares forever.  

Today we not only got to see the fabulous botanical garden in Cartago, but we drove through a cloud forest. We could barely see more than a few feet in front of us, it was pretty scary. People also don't turn their lights on in low-visibility situations here. After the cloud, it started pouring. Luckily we saw a hotel sign that said "WIFI HOT WATER," so we pulled over. We will hopefully make it to the beach tomorrow and then on to Panama! 

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